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Manitoba and the city state of Hamburg, Germany have participated in an exchange program for high school students since 1979. In January 2017, Manitoba and Hamburg reinforced their longstanding cooperation by re-signing official exchange agreements.
Full program details, including the eligibility and the costs involved for Manitoba students, can be found at

Application procedure
There is a deadline for the application, including for all required attachments. Please check the MTG Website.

Step 1 - Online application form

Please complete the application form carefully. It will be used to find your exchange partner.

  • The online form is available in the German language only. You can download a translation.
  • Most fields are indicated as required to make sure you do not overlook them. The questions can be answered with e.g. „nein“ „keine/r“ where approbiate.
  • Some fields have validity rules. If you receive an error message such as „Fehler beim Ausfüllen: Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Angaben“ you should check for errors such as an emailaddress followed by a space.
  • Not enough room for your answer? You can give more information in your letter to your potential exchange partner.
  • For safety reasons your entries become invalid after 20 minutes without any recordable activity. To avoid losing data you can skip backwards a page within the 20 minutes.
  • Please do not close the webbrowser without saving your data. In case you do not have the time to complete the entire form in one session you can terminate without losing data by pressing the „unterbrechen“ button. Subsequently you need to download a HTML-file on your computer. Once you are ready to continue you only have to open your HTML-file by doubleclick.
    Attention: the „unterbrechen“ button will not be displayed on mobile browsers (Opera Mini or Safari, for example).
  • Once you press the „weiter“ button on the last page (that is the page with the question „Hast Du besondere Wünsche“) your data will be transmitted and no further changes can be made.
    However, if you need to to make important modifications after transmitting you can fill in the form again within the application period. This will be easier if you downloaded a final HTML back-up before. Your old data will be overwritten by a re-transmisson.
  • pdf DownloadAfter transmisson a formal application form with your data can be downloaded as a pdf-file on request.


Data protection
The HTML-file as well as the pdf-file contain your personal data – protect them against unauthorized access! If the computer you use to fill the form is also used by people other than your family you should not save the files on the local drive. It is better to use a removable storage device such as a flash drive.
Never send your data files unprotected via email! To copy the file to another computer you also should use a flash drive.

Click here to start the online application

Step 2 - Application attachments

Within a few days after you completed your online application form, you will receive an invitation to an application folder set up for you on a GDPR-compliant server, where you can upload the necessary attachments to your application. Please open the invitation link and follow the prompts to register. If you do not receive the invitation email please check your spam or junk folder.

  • Documents to be signed
    You can fill out the following pdf forms on your computer. To make sure that your entries will be saved with the document, you must download the pdf file on your computer first and then open it with Adobe Reader version 8 or higher or with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Alternatively you can print the forms and fill in the information by hand.

    1. Code of behaviour
      Filename as follows „FamilyName_FirstName_Cob“
    2. Binding agreement
      Filename as follows „FamilyName_FirstName_agreement“
  • Letter to your potential german exchange partner
    Please write a one page letter to your potential exchange partner and host family in which you describe yourself and your characteristics – How do others see you?
    The letter should include the following: your interests, hobbies, etc. and something that might be important for your exchange partner to know about you. Provide a short explanation of why you want to participate in this exchange and provide some basic information about your family, family members, family life (e.g. routines, traditions, expectations), what your family likes to do together. Do not forget to mention something that you are looking forward to in regards to the exchange.
    Filename as follows „FamilyName_FirstName_letter“
  • Identity photo
    One application photo (portrait, school photos work well)
    Filename as follows „FamilyName_FirstName_IDphoto“
  • Family photos
    One set of photographs which reflects parts of your life such as family, friends, pets, house, school, important occasions of your life and so on. Compressed images are fine – the total size must not exceed 1 MB.

    • either one document including some pictures with descriptions
      filename „FamilyName_FirstName_photos“
    • or up to 4 image files
      filename each „FamilyName_FirstName_content“
  • Copy of latest report card
    Filename as follows „FamilyName_FirstName_schoolreport“
  • School reference letter
    Choose one teacher to write a letter of recommendation for you
    Filename as follows „FamilyName_FirstName_reference“
Step 3 - Winnipeg Police Information Check

Host applicants are required to submit a Winnipeg Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Search from the Winnipeg Police Service for each resident over the age of 18.

  • Host applicant’s Information Checks must be dated no older than one (1) year from the date of application. The Information Check must include the Vulnerable Sector Search.
  • You can choose to apply online or in person only through the Winnipeg Police Service.
  • Please select „Manitoba-Germany Exchange” as agency.
  • The results of your online applications for police check and vulnerable person check will be accessed directly by the MTG-Germany Exchange Coordinator.
  • If you are outside the City of Winnipeg, you will need to go in person to the Police Office of your municipality and provide a copy for the records of MTG.
  • Please be aware that this will take a minimum of 10 days and probably more.

For more information please visit Winnipeg Police Service website.

What is next?

As soon as the matching procedure is completed you will receive a corresponding message from the Manitoba Teachers of German Exchange Committee.

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Diese Seite informiert kanadische Bewerber:innen. Hamburger Schüler:innen, die sich für Manitoba bewerben möchten, finden hier Informationen.